JSPK v0.92 by Jesper Søndergaard Pedersen

(Jesper’s SpektraMAX Plate Kinetics fitter)


JSPK is a program that allows fitting of kinetic data from SpectraMAX plate-readers to user-defined functions using the Levenberg-Marquardt least squares method. The main advantages of this program are:


Screenshot below shows the noise-reduced tryptophan fluorescence of four replicate wells during fibrillation of 0.14 g/l glucagon in 50mM glycine/NaOH pH 9.5.

The black line is a plot of the starting parameters seen on the top right panel.


This program relies heavily on the following delphi units:


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Version history


Build 050221 - First public release


Build 050303 - Fixed program to be independent on the type of decimal separator used on a PC.


Build 050603 - Quick fix to allow importing wavescan as well as kinetic data.


Build 050701 - Fixed progress indicator window for importing SM data


Build 050706 - Fixed a number of graph scaling and fit boundary problems created in build 050602


Build 051214 - Implemented MaxDec:=1, to limit the maximum number of decimals on graph to one. Changed web-page reference to http://jspk.phage.dk in the About-box.


Build 060406 -  Fixed importing of '#Low' data - this is simply set to 1. Improved graph routine winplot used - removed maxdec:=1


Build 060418 -  Changed import TRichEdit to TMemo to prevent random import errors. Apparently text files are not loaded correct by TRichEdit even though PlainText:=True